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Gigs and Concept Albums

Hey there guys, it’s been a while since I updated you on all the happenings! Gigs Recently I’ve been playing mostly charity gigs for the Tasmanian bushfires (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read about them…
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Gig on Friday!

Holy performances Batman! I have a gig on Friday! Unfortunately my band won’t be able to make it for a variety of reasons (the main one being, my keyboardist is in another state right now), so I’ll be going it…
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Radio Interview

Hey guys! Just letting you know I’ll be getting interviewed by Helen Lindsay this evening at 9pm on local community radio station “Hobart FM” So tune into 96.9FM, or grab the live stream from their website (Go here, then click…
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Launch date!

Hey everyone out there in the Intertubes! The time has come!  The moment that you’ve all been waiting for! No not personal jetpacks (those already exist…), but a bigger moment! One that history will never forget! A story to tell your…
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CDs have arrived!

Woo! My CDs have finally arrived! They look awesome! And they even pass the most critical test; a CD player that only plays really good quality discs (burnt CDs are right out) – The CD player in Jessie’s car, which…
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Everything Sent!

Well everything has been sent, and I’ve approved the final proof! I thought by this stage the mild panic I’ve been feeling would have abated – I was wrong. If anything it’s worse, as now there’s nothing I can do….
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